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Discover Centreon IT Monitoring platform

Centreon is a SaaS platform that automatically monitors the complete IT infrastructure, Cloud and On-Premises, for a clear and comprehensive business view.

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Looking for a new monitoring platform? Or just curious about the best real-time monitoring tool to use?

Let’s explore the Centreon platform through interactive videos that will show you how to take your IT monitoring to the next level in just a few minutes!

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Discover our 3 interactive demos:

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Demo: How to be alerted in case of IT incidents?

Centreon provides comprehensive alerting views that give you all the information you need to monitor your infrastructure effectively.

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Demo: 3 minutes to discover how to speed up your IT infrastructure monitoring configuration

Let’s see how you can significantly speed up your IT infrastructure monitoring configuration process, reducing frustration and helping you get your monitoring solution up and running more quickly with Centreon.

auto discovery - intercalaire bout arrondi
Demo: Avoid blind spots thanks to an automatic IT monitoring configuration

By using Centreon automatic IT monitoring configuration tool, you can proactively identify the key systems and applications that need to be monitored. You keep your business running smoothly and reduce the risk of costly downtime.

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