Enabling Business Observability: A Top-Down Strategy

How to leverage IT monitoring as a gateway to business observability


The need for observability makes it more relevant than ever to build a strong, comprehensive, and business-centered monitoring platform.

You need IT monitoring to achieve holistic business observability and this ebook will help you connect the dots—from top to bottom, from business to IT.

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This ebook provides valuable insights on:

  • The pillars of a business observability strategy
  • The importance of observability for ITOps serving Digital-Business
  • What it takes to enable business observability
  • IT monitoring capabilities and features fitting within the observability stack
  • Key points to build a solid base for business observability

“Observability is the evolution of monitoring into a process that offers insight into digital business applications, speeds innovation and enhances customer experience. I&O leaders should use observability to extend current monitoring capabilities, processes and culture to deliver these benefits.” — Gartner©.

Enabling Business Observability: A Top-Down Strategy

A foundation to next-generation ITOps

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