Implementing Connected Monitoring

Connecting IT Monitoring to your ITOps Stack is key to get full visibility and prepare for observability


As digitalization accelerates and deepens, driven by generalized telecommuting, higher cybersecurity needs, and the touchless economy, ITOps practices have evolved.

Not surprisingly, ITOps say they want to work with tools that speak to each other. When looking for a new IT monitoring tool, the first criteria mentioned by respondents to the State of IT Monitoring is its ability to integrate with other tools.

IT Monitoring solutions with advanced integration capabilities best meet the needs of organizations and provide full IT visibility, from cloud-to-edge. In the age of observability, I&O must look to deepen IT monitoring integration to meet modernization and automation objectives.

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  • The challenges connected monitoring can solve and the value it brings to organizations
  • Key insights for interfacing IT monitoring into the ITOps stack
  • The best practices to develop interconnection
  • The capabilities that act as levers to enable business observability

4 IT Monitoring priorities for the future

(source : State of IT Monitoring 2021-2023)

Interfacing with other I&O tools
Automating IT Monitoring
Extending to the cloud
Integrating external data

Implementing Connected Monitoring

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