IT Monitoring & TCO: Aligning IT Monitoring Capabilities & Budget Using TCO

A peer-informed procurement guide to select the IT monitoring solution you need.

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Were you ever caught in a budget tug of war?

It’s what happens when IT teams ask for advanced software features and capabilities while IT decision makers and procurement teams are focused on optimizing costs. 

If you’re looking to acquire new IT monitoring capabilities, this read is timely.

It will help you understand what the essential requirements are for IT monitoring software, but also the features and capabilities that may seem too costly upfront but end up providing more value over time.

This guide revisits the concepts of TCO (total cost of ownership) and TBO (total benefits of ownership) to help balance the IT monitoring software wish list with the budget.

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With this read, you will learn more about:

  • What organizations such as yours hope from their IT monitoring software.
  • Which functionalities or capabilities most impact TCO and TBO.
  • How to build a compelling business case for robust IT monitoring capabilities.
  • How to run a TCO analysis. 

Takeway from this read

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Reasons organizations choose Centreon
Selected quotes from users accross all business sectors

IT Monitoring & TCO - Volume 3:
Aligning IT Monitoring Capabilities & Budget Using TCO

A peer informed procurement guide to select the right IT monitoring software at the right cost.

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